Make a Connection

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Parenting takes a village – become part of one!

There’s a reason they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s because it’s true! Every parent needs a network of community support to raise thriving, happy children. 

Having a network of people we trust gives us a sense of community and is strongly linked with physical and mental health, happiness, and longevity. Not just for us, but for our kids, too! A supportive network surrounding parents and families helps to reduce stress, fosters nurturing parenting habits so we can be at our best, and builds atmospheres where children flourish.

Connection Hubs

It takes a village – community organizations can help build them!

Community organizations are a key part of building connections in our neighborhoods. Libraries, family resource centers and neighborhood associations help create and strengthen connections for parents and families.

By focusing on social connection and community cohesion, this portion of our toolkit helps community organizations strengthen families and promote safe, stable and nurturing relationships for children.

Together, We rise

Build strong families and connected communities with fun activities

Communities are more than just a place for homes. They are family-filled, cultural hubs with diverse people who all have different and shared life experiences. More importantly, communities are where people can develop relationships and form their extended network. There is no better way to do this than through events and activities. Community and neighborhood-specific events bring people together and strengthen critical social bonds. Building healthy relationships and spending time with family, friends, and community members can help improve overall well-being and fulfillment. Strong relationships at home and within your community can ultimately shape your life experience. Activities, big or small, are one step forward in establishing stronger connections that benefit the community as a whole.

Colorado Connected Stories

Personal experiences, real solutions and helpful tips to inspire your connection journey

Colorado Connected Stories is our local blog, with three types of posts to inform and inspire our community on the value of social connections for all.


Advancing social connections for all communities

Colorado Connected is moving beyond preventing child abuse and neglect to address the key underlying factor of social isolation. We are developing formal and informal community connections that strengthen families, working together to raise safe, healthy and happy children.

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