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It takes a village – community organizations can help build them!

Community organizations are a key part of building connections in our neighborhoods. Libraries, family resource centers and neighborhood associations help create and strengthen connections for parents and families.

By focusing on social connection and community cohesion, this portion of our toolkit helps community organizations strengthen families and promote safe, stable and nurturing relationships for children.

Community Organizations build villages!
Infographic with buildings and houses.
Community Organizations build villages!

The tips and tools in this section can be used to build healthier families and communities across Colorado, so we can build the village that kids and families need.

Tips on building a Village

Community organizations are important to building connections.

Community organizations are a critical part of community fabric. However, we know that people are not as apt to trust organizations as they do each other. An important way to build trust is to make sure community members know that you are more than professionals, you are people that care. Your organizations can foster environments and provide tools that help individuals connect, which is exactly what they are looking for. A recent survey found that 61% of Coloradans agree they would be more likely to offer support to other people if there were individuals or groups that would help them get started.

When people don’t know where to begin, let them know they can start with you.

Community organizations can be the first stop in building connections, though we know we cannot do the work for the community. We can provide needed resources, give tips on how to connect and host opportunities that make connecting easier.

75% of Coloradans agree they would be more likely to help people in their community if they knew of some easy, quick things they could do right away.

Design atmospheres for connection.

There are many ways we can design around the idea of connecting. It might mean building the physical space in a way that encourages connection, or it may mean designing activities or hosting events that encourage interactions and develop positive relationships. Find signage, activities, handouts and more in the toolkit below.

Conduct proactive outreach.

Programs combined with community engagement strengthen families. Community organizations can both engage the community and empower residents to connect. When organizations are present in the community, talking with people and making connections, we are modeling the behavior and promoting partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We don’t have to wait for people to come to us for help, reaching out into the community helps foster social connections.

Expand what it means to be a community organization.

We need our communities to think of more than family resource centers or county departments as the groups that support families. Libraries, museums, recreational centers, schools, hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, and more are all important community organizations. Traditional community organizations can develop partnerships with other potential resources and empower them with the information and resources they need to support families. For example, providing hospitals with packets to send home with new mothers that emphasize the importance of social connections and include activities for connecting.

Take the next step, host a community event

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