Connecting Families & Communities Across Colorado

Parenting takes a village – become part of one!

Download connection tools for parents, family, friends and neighbors!

Connected communities are the core of a vibrant Colorado where children and families thrive.

COConnected is building connections that surround families with supportive networks, so parents do not feel alone when faced with challenges. Doing so creates a safe, stable environment for children to grow up in and produce positive childhood experiences and outcomes.

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Building back community

The fabric of a community is connection. When people feel connected to each other, they are better equipped to face challenges and can celebrate collective wins together as a cohesive community. Being COConnected means empowering parents to create their own village of support with family, friends and neighbors. By strengthening social connections around parents, we can be the change we seek in becoming a statewide community, united with the well-being of children at the forefront – Colorado Connected.

In a recent survey…


of Coloradans agree that social connections benefit them and their families.


of Coloradans said they want to live in a community where people look out for one another.


of Coloradans agreed it’s good when parents have someone to ask for parenting advice.

COConnected + COmmunity COllaboration<br />
=<br />
COllective COntribution to Positive Community Outcomes
Happy Healthy Children
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